[Plug-In] Easy License Check Plug-In (with myCommerce support!)

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[Plug-In] Easy License Check Plug-In (with myCommerce support!)

Postby Weatherlights » Sun Sep 18, 2016 4:52 am


I have another nice Plug-In I want to share with you. It is my new Easy License Check Plug-In for InstallAware. It makes License validation easy as pie and allows you to validate the license key of your customer within minutes. I even created some nice tools to make the Plug-In even more useful: A GUI Key Generator, a DLL you can use within your software and a command line tool that was developed with the myCommerce SDK and that you can configure and send to myCommerce to automate license key generation.

It is really very easy to use and it comes with a full help file (just press F1).

Anyway: My Plug-In comes in two flavours: A free one (which is ad supported) and a paid one (where no ads will show up). But don't worry... even the ad supported version will only display one advertisement per instance you create (So one to two advertisements during the enitre development).

So here you can learn more about my Plug-In and download it for free:

Easy License Check Plug-In

Until end of month (2016-09-30) you can get EUR 3 off the price of the ad free version by using the coupon code: IAFORUMEASY
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