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Bundle Files Plug-In

Postby wolbrink » Wed Nov 02, 2005 12:23 pm

Here is a plug-in I developed called “Bundle Files”.
http://download.tntware.com/installawar ... eFiles.zip
It’s quite similar to “Install Files”, but copies the file immediately and not under the control of MSI. Included is a “register.reg” (which assumes the two dlls exist at “c:\\dev\\bin” -- you may have to edit this!).

Now, I can take a vendor’s merge modules and create a dedicated *light mode* setup program for their runtime. Then from my main setup program if I detect that I need to install their runtime, I can just “bundle” the light mode setup file to a temp folder and “Run Light Mode Setup” on it. Or for other vendors that provide their own setup.exe, after I run Sinan's “Decompress” tool on it, I can just bundle it to a temp folder and run it as needed.

I’m excited because this takes away the “missing link” that was keeping me from fully taking advantage of web media blocks. Now I can use the web media blocks feature, and let InstallAware worry about all the details. Until this plug-in, I had to write script to check to see if a needed setup.exe was available locally and if not it would download it to a temp folder. Of course, this meant I couldn’t truly do a SFX build. Also I had to remember all the auxiliary setup.exe files. Now I can just do a web build and let InstallAware manage this all for me. This also ensures that I have great 7zip compression on all my web media.

Here's a screenshot:


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