Reset File Date plug-in

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Reset File Date plug-in

Postby casic » Tue Jul 08, 2008 5:24 pm

This plug-in helps you to overwrite existing files which have no version information. This can be necessary if you would like to update an existing installation done by a non-MSI-installer (e.g. InstallShield) or to update changed files which have no version information. MSI checks non versioned files whether they are changed or not. Changed files with no version information will not be overwritten by a MSI setup! Unfortunately there is no option where you can specify to overwrite existing files or not. MSI compares the creation date with the last change date of a file to detect changed files (this only applies to files which have no version information!). If both dates are identical, the file will be overwritten (replaced) by the MSI setup - otherwise the file will be left untouched. This plug-in sets the last change date of all files in the given directory to the creation date so the MSI installer overwrites (replaces) all these files with the ones from the setup package.

You can download mdPLUGINS for InstallAWARE here...

For more information please visit the official product site:

English: mdPLUGINS for InstallAWARE
German: mdPLUGINS for InstallAWARE

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