New Version (1.1.0) of Validate Drive Plug-In (FREEWARE)

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New Version (1.1.0) of Validate Drive Plug-In (FREEWARE)

Postby mathim » Sat Jan 30, 2010 12:55 pm

Added radio group selection for drive types to validate. The drive types are Any, Removable, Local, Network, CDROM, Ramdisk or Local and Network.

If you are upgrading from prior version be sure to remove the old plug-in from your project and then add the new one and rebuild your project otherwise you will receive errors.

Validate Drive Plug-In Validates Drive\\Folder and checks if 'X' amount of space is available.

Offers an easy, fast and convenient alternate method instead of writing multiple script commands.

The Drive\\Folder Path field is the variable containing the drive path to validate.
The minimum free space field is the amount of space required. This is an integer value in kilobytes.
The results field is the variable to receive the validation status.

The return value will be TRUE if the drive is valid and space requirements is satisfied, otherwise FALSE is returned. One exception is if the user leaves the field completely blank - no value entered in the dialog box. In this case the return value will also be blank. So when testing for failure don't use FALSE instead use NOT EQUAL TO TRUE to include the blank return value as a failure.

Any problems, suggestions or comment can be sent to email address below.


Download File: ... 01.1.0.exe

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