Web Builds with \"Save Downloaded Files\" Option

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Web Builds with \"Save Downloaded Files\" Option

Postby sinan » Mon May 02, 2005 6:26 pm

The script used in this project shows how to use custom scripting to save downloaded web media block files to a users hard drive, so they do not have to be downloaded again:

http://www.installaware.com/Save%20Down ... oject.7zip

You may extract the 7zip archive using CompreXX, available at http://www.CompreXX.com

Additional features/intelligence includes:
    Prompting for save location
    Customized dialog containing new save location logic and controls
    Pre-initialized save location is the folder containing setup.exe
    Displaying save option only on first time install
    Displaying save option only with web builds

Of course, the script may be further customized as needed. No third-party plug-ins are required for the script to work - its all just pure InstallAware code.

Having the save downloaded files option lets your users burn their web based installers to a CD, and run them later without an Internet connection.

Your users may also demand that they be able to store their installers in their entirety after an initial download. You can satisfy this requirement with your current web builds using the save downloaded files option.

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