SetupTranslator for InstallAware

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SetupTranslator for InstallAware

Postby Thomas » Wed Sep 10, 2008 5:15 am

With the help of the SetupTranslator for InstallAware, you can easily translate your InstallAware projects into a multitude of languages. In doing so, it prepares the texts to be translated as intelligently as possible. Individual translations can be used more than once, even where the formatting may be different. And strings that do not need to be translated do not even appear in the SetupTranslator. In doing so, the strings to be translated can be processed either with help of a comfortable function within the SetupTranslator or they can be exported into an XLS-file and given to an external translator for processing. And the best part of the SetupTranslator: the translation suggestions. The SetupTranslator offers basic translations for almost all languages supported by InstallAware. And with several languages, the suggestions for translation are so extensive, that probably nothing more will need to be translated on their own. It can hardly be any more comfortable than this.

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