Uninstalling old version in Native Engine mode.

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Uninstalling old version in Native Engine mode.

Postby mehran » Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:16 am

Hi there.

We use Native Engine and I know that we should use Run Command to uninstall a product instead of using (Un)InstallMSI command in Native Engine.

The problem we have is when we use (Un)InstallMSI command it displays details of uninstalling the product in the progress dialog, but when we use Run Command, there is no interaction between installer and the product that being uninstalled, and we cannot display details in the installer's progress dialog.

This makes the user think that the installer is stuck and is not doing anything.

Is there a way I can capture details of an installer in this situation and display it to the user?

Mehran Balaei
GE Digital Energy

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