Installation analytics (install/uninstall statistics) for free

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Installation analytics (install/uninstall statistics) for free

Postby StarMessage » Thu Aug 02, 2018 7:12 am

Fellow developers,
I am posting some scripts that you can add to your Installaware script to get installation analytics via Google Analytics (GA).
You are probably already using Google Analytics to track your website visit, so with the installation analytics, you will extend your view to watch also the installations occurring around the world.
The solution is based on SoftMeter (I am its author), and the technical implementation is very easy.
Basically, you include the libSoftMeter.dll in your setup package and during the installation you call one function from it.
During an uninstall you call the same function with a negative value, in order for GA to subtract the installation from the total number of installations.

You can watch real-time or daily/monthly installations, countries of users, operating system versions and many of the other parameters provided by Google Analytics.

You can read some more detailed information at this help page: ... stallaware
I am very interested to know your opinion.

P.S. I posted here as a script but I am not sure if it is better to create a Plug-in for Installaware. It is only a DLL and the implementation is very easy, so a Plug-in development might not be justified.

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