PackageAWARE: Setup Capture for InstallAWARE

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PackageAWARE: Setup Capture for InstallAWARE

Postby sinan » Tue Jan 25, 2005 6:31 am

PackageAware is now available for all InstallAware users at this URL: [447KB]

This ultra-light download is completely self contained. It works as follows:
    1) Scans the current state of the system
    2) Enables you to run (multiple) installations
    3) Scans the new state of the system
    4) Creates a 100% ready-to-build InstallAware project encapsulating the delta of the scans.

You may also customize scan settings - include/exclude certain registry keys and folders/files.

Being very small, and having absolutely no runtime requirements whatsoever, PackageAware lends itself very nicely to clean machine setup captures. Copy it on a floppy and install on your testing farm, or simply drag-drop into VMware or your favorite virtualization environment of choice.

A nice touch is that PackageAware intelligently analyzes the results of the system scans and detects system path variables, along with the name of the installed application and default target folder/program group locations. In the true Aware tradition, PackageAware does the dirty work for you and produces a 100% ready to use recaptured installation.

Use PackageAware to automatically and painlessly migrate legacy installations into Windows Installer. Made possible with InstallAware installation technologies!


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Re: PackageAWARE: Setup Capture for InstallAWARE

Postby lang068 » Mon Mar 02, 2015 10:37 am

i noticed this post is quite old. i am running IA18 and need to create a silent install. i have been scouring the forums for information on what format is to be used for generating a .mst/answer file to compliment our IA msi package?
I did find one artcle from 2006 hinting at IA uses a simple msi command line format?
if this is the case, our package has numerous user prompts and i know i will definately exceed the 256 character line limit trying to create a command line script.
so i have a number of questions regarding the whole silet install process:
1. what official format (other than command line) will IA recognize - ini, xml, mst?
2. is the command syntax different from standard msi command line format - if so, is there a list somewhere?
3. can you please provide a few script examples to format a response file properly (i have not found any examples within the forums or knowledgebase)?

thank you!

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Re: PackageAWARE: Setup Capture for InstallAWARE

Postby FrancescoT » Mon Mar 02, 2015 1:16 pm

Dear Lang068,

you should have started a new discussion, because your question has nothing to do with this thread.

Anyway, you can use ORCA to generate a MST file. Please have a look at the following link for a similar question.

Hope this helps you.


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