InstallAware X13 Launch

Take a step up in your DevOps with the release of the Gold Standard for software installers:

InstallAware X13 is launching on Friday this week!

o Sanitize Project Wizard: Sever all links to shared resources in a single click by creating local copies of all project assets.

o .NET 5: The biggest .NET release is here, and you may deploy it in a single click using InstallAware.

o 20H2 Update: Fresh Windows Feature definitions for ARM64, AMD64, and X86.

o MSIX Services: Build MSIX packages without entry point apps or shortcuts, deploying Windows Services.

o On-Demand Elevation Template: Give your end-users the power to choose user mode installs, or to elevate at the start of setup.

InstallAware X13 Pre-Sale

After nearly a full year that went by with covid lockdowns, InstallAware X13 is finally launching this December:

o 20H2 Platform: Including up to date Windows Feature definitions, platform recognition and formal targeting.

o MSIX Services: Instantly generate MSIX packages from existing setup projects, now with service support.

o New .NET 5: Detect and install .NET Core. Our Visual Studio Add-Ins bundle this runtime when needed.

o MITM Mitigation: Automatically eliminate man-in-the-middle attacks on Web Media Block downloads.

o Manual Elevation: Manually elevate or de-elevate apps. Elevate your setup only when you must.

o Regular Expressions: You asked for it, you got it! Easily evaluate regexp in your script.

o Azure DevOps: A sign of the times, or evolution of the future of work? Your decision.

o Super Search: Hugely popular new IDE feature with advanced in-place capabilities.

Happy 4th!

Eleanor (Roosevelt) says it best: “True patriotism springs from a belief in the dignity of the individual, freedom and equality not only for Americans but for all people on earth.” In that spirit, allow us to wish you a Happy 4th of July, no matter where you may be in the world at this time!

Also a huge thank you for your overwhelming response to our recent launch of InstallAware X12. See the values that we stand for:

Freedom: Process your own transactions without having to rely on banks with the Cryptocurrency plug-in. Decentralize your downloads with the Bittorrent plug-in.

Security: Halt MITM attacks with signing for optional web packages. Frustrate impersonators using third-party certificates with expected entity verification.

Community: Enable global collaboration with integrated source control. Prototype setups with visual tools and then edit the auto-generated code to inject your logic.

Unity: Bring together all your runtimes and dependencies, with their tangled mess of countless disjoint windows, into your setup with a single, sensible user interface.

Cryptocurrency-Enabled Installer

InstallAware X12, the world’s first and only cryptocurrency-enabled installer, is finally shipping this week:

o Eliminate the need for traditional payment processing, and banks.

o Break free of brittle nodes, and dramatically cut down on exorbitant processing fees.

o Improve payment speeds and accelerate setups, boosting your end-user experience.

o No changes required to existing InstallAware projects! Easily upgrade all your work to InstallAware.

InstallAware X12 Shipping This Week

Amidst InstallShield’s fifth(1) rebranding, InstallAware shines stable; shipping version X12 on Friday the 12th this week:

o Authenticity: Especially now with Torrent/Magnet support, guarantee your setups are genuine with signed web downloads.

o Limited User Account Template: Out-of-the-box support for User Mode installations without getting admins involved.

o Full-Breadth Windows: Target from the earliest X86 (Windows XP) through the latest AARCH64 (Windows 10) with a single setup.

o Azure DevOps: Empower distributed teams with the new Team Project Explorer right in the IDE – stepping up to the new normal.

o Do More: Launch programs elevated, configure per-user file types and applications, match regular expression patterns.

(1) InstallShield -> Macrovision -> Acresso -> Flexera -> Revenera

Get Paid ETH with InstallAware X12!

InstallAware X12 is becoming the first and only installer with cryptocurrency support:

o Instant Processing: Complete your ETH transaction in 15 seconds or less…

o Sell Without Middlepersons: Monetize your product directly at installation time.

o Fiat Conversion: Specify the cost of your product in debasable currency, or crypto.

o Re-Installable: Retrieve past purchase records directly from the uncensorable blockchain.

o Instant Payment: Revenue in your wallet by the time your end-user is on the next wizard page!

NEW! InstallAware Store

We hope you are doing well in the face of our crisis. Sometimes the best time to relook and invest in something better is in the eye of a storm.

Installs win sales! Now with more people working from home and an uptick in IT spending, your software and your business will benefit in so many ways from a more modern Windows Installer:

o Take the frustration out of building installations with easy MSIcode scripting.
o Deploy with the confidence that your setups work everywhere/everytime with our Native Engine.
o Grow your adoption with an improved end-user experience featuring Fluent Acrylic UI.
o Work remotely and collaborate globally with Azure DevOps Server integration.

Visit our redesigned online store, and empower yourself to put your best foot forward:

New Site, New Award for InstallAware

As we get ready to celebrate Pi Day this weekend at InstallAware, we’re very grateful:

o For the fifth year in a row, InstallAware wins the ComponentSource Top 50 Publisher Award!

o A brand-new website at – take a look and let us know how you like it.

o New Service Pack 3 for InstallAware X11 with even more fixes and performance enhancements.

Join us in celebrating our new site, new award, new Service Pack, and Pi Day!

InstallAware X11 is Here

InstallAware X11, the world’s first and only torrent-enabled installer, is finally launching this week:

o Eliminate the need for traditional file hosting, and the risk of man-in-the-middle attacks.

o Break free of brittle server nodes, and dramatically cut down on exorbitant hosting fees.

o Improve download speeds and accelerate installations, boosting your end-user experience.

o No changes required to existing projects – get ready to host your installers on peer to peer networks!

InstallAware X11 Coming Soon!

After major breakthroughs in R&D, InstallAware X11 is launching this month! InstallShield have now fallen two major version releases behind InstallAware:

o Torrent/Magnet Downloads: InstallAware is the first and only installer with distributed, decentralized downloads – including web media blocks.

o New Security Model: Manage registry, file system, share, network, and printer rights from completely rebuilt, robust code.

o Script Analytics: New visual designer reflects the types and numbers of your script commands, with support for quick edits too.

o SQL Server 2019: The latest runtimes including the Express edition of your favorite database, repacked to a smaller size as usual.

o Third IDE View: After 15 years, edit your setup script as free flowing XML – with three way round-tripping between visual, code, and XML!

o 4K GDI Scaling: Your setups have always been 4K display compatible, and now your InstallAware IDE and Dialog Designer are too.

o 1909/19H2 Eco-System: Detect and install on the latest version of Windows 10 and Windows Server, with full support for the entire eco-system.

o Hotfix Enumerator: Does your app require or preclude a particular hotfix? Query the OS for the presence or absence of any number of hotfixes.