InstallAware X13 Pre-Sale

After nearly a full year that went by with covid lockdowns, InstallAware X13 is finally launching this December:

o 20H2 Platform: Including up to date Windows Feature definitions, platform recognition and formal targeting.

o MSIX Services: Instantly generate MSIX packages from existing setup projects, now with service support.

o New .NET 5: Detect and install .NET Core. Our Visual Studio Add-Ins bundle this runtime when needed.

o MITM Mitigation: Automatically eliminate man-in-the-middle attacks on Web Media Block downloads.

o Manual Elevation: Manually elevate or de-elevate apps. Elevate your setup only when you must.

o Regular Expressions: You asked for it, you got it! Easily evaluate regexp in your script.

o Azure DevOps: A sign of the times, or evolution of the future of work? Your decision.

o Super Search: Hugely popular new IDE feature with advanced in-place capabilities.