InstallAware 4th of July Special

Join us in celebrating 4th of July this year – Freedom for all setup builders worldwide!

o Independence: Past the point of your initial software and license downloads, you do NOT need to connect to any InstallAware server to install or activate your software.

o Self-Governance: Got a floating or multi-user license? You do NOT need to set up or administer a license server. Everything “just works” after your installation.

o Equal Rights Under Law: Pin your Win32, Win64, and .NET apps directly to the Windows 10 Start Menu/Taskbar! Enjoy equal rights for your Native Apps vs. Universal Windows apps.

o System Membership: Your MSI files are always logo compliant, no matter how they’ve been authored. You may even submit your Desktop installers to the Windows Store.

o Get Rid of Tyranny: Join the revolution against obsolete installers worldwide! Setups are smaller and faster, AND easier to develop and debug with InstallAware.

Claim your Freedom as a setup builder with InstallAware!