NEW! InstallAware X9 with ARM64 and MSIX Builder

InstallAware X9 is now available for immediate download:

Full-Stack ARM64 Support: Only InstallAware X9 builds, installs, and even repackages setups natively on exciting new ARM64 platforms.

MSIX Next Generation Packaging: The future is here! InstallAware was the first to bring you MSIX support, now with a gamma release.

Database Refresh: Only InstallAware X9 connects to the latest versions of Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle databases without requiring client software.

32-bit Enhanced Compression: Only InstallAware X9 reduces Microsoft’s already-compressed runtime sizes by up to 67%, with byte-for-byte identical extraction.

Windows 10 October 2018 Update: Only InstallAware X9 provides full coverage for the latest runtimes and technologies shipping out of Redmond.