InstallAware X3 First with Automated Virtual Machine Testing

New InstallAware X3, launching on Wednesday this week, is first to market with automated virtual machine unit testing, Windows 10 support, and a host of other improvements:

Automated Virtual Machine Testing:

Supports VMware Workstation, VMware vSphere, and Microsoft Hyper-V.
Connect to local VMs or VMs hosted in the cloud on any supported server.
Use the Project Manager to browse your entire VM library and start testing on any VM snapshot.
Run as many simultaneous tests as your underlying hardware can handle.
Use default unit tests, or build your own unit testing scripts to check for particular services, files, registry keys, etc.
See the status of ongoing tests, as well as succeeded/failed VM tests at a single glance.
Use project settings for installation and uninstallation command lines; as well as guest operating system target folders.

Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015 Eco-System Support:

First to support Windows 10.
Maximize application exposure by progammatically pinning your applications to the new Start Menu Live Tiles section, without going through the Windows Store.
Use the production runtimes for .NET 4.6, Visual C++ 14, and SQL Server 2014 with SP1.
Enjoy 50% size reductions on runtimes such as SQL Server 2014 – on top of Microsoft’s already compressed runtime sizes.
Instantly create setup projects from the Visual Studio 2015 IDE and build installer or App-V virtualized targets.

Application Runtime Wizard:

Distills InstallAware’s decades of experience building and optimizing application runtimes.
Point-and-click to create new technology framework installers. The wizard guides you in making the right choices.
Consume new application runtimes from additional InstallAware IDE instances and an unlimited number of setups.

Build Events:

Use pre and post triggers.
Triggers fire upon compilation, compression, and MSI wrapping stages.
Run an unlimited number of applications and optionally abort the build should any of them fail.

InstallAware X3 grows your software margins, maximizes your revenue, and delights your developers with its convenience and simplicity.

Enjoy simplified agile builds, reduced bandwidth costs, and eliminated R&D expenditures.

Grow your exposure and monetize your software with InstallAware X3.