Universal Windows Platform Builder

Our launch of InstallAware X5 was a huge success two weeks ago.

InstallAware is the first – and only – installer with support for Windows 10.1 Redstone:

1) Build APPX Universal Windows Platform packages from existing (or new) setup projects.

2) Convert any existing MSI or EXE setup (even if you don’t have its source) to an APPX.

3) Target MSI, EXE, App-V, and InstallAware Virtualization formats from a single source.

New InstallAware X5 with APPX for Windows 10 Redstone

InstallAware X5 is launching on Friday this week, with zero-day support for the latest summer hits from Microsoft:

APPX Builder: Build any InstallAware setup as a Windows 10 Redstone Universal Windows Platform application! Effortlessly carry your Win32, Win64, and .NET apps to the future.

Windows 10 Redstone: Detect and run setups on Windows 10 Redstone.

Visual Studio 15: Integrate with Visual Studio 15 and generate setup projects – and even build them – without ever leaving the Visual Studio 15 IDE.

New Runtimes: .NET Framework 4.6.2, SQL Server 2014 with Service Pack 2, [b]SQL Server 2016[/b] – you name it! If its included in the latest Redstone update cycle, InstallAware X5’s got it.

Touch Enabled and Snappy: The InstallAware X5 IDE is now touch-enabled, so feel free to fire it up on anything from handheld tablets to ultra high resolution displays (did we mention High DPI support too). Design views have been accelerated, helping you do more than before in less time.

Only InstallAware X5 generates APPX, App-V, InstallAware Virtualization, MSI Windows Installer, and EXE Native Code setups from a single source!