InstallAware v. Embarcadero

Embarcadero Proves My Point

We’re continuing to have an Internet conversation with Embarcadero, since they continue to ignore InstallAware’s efforts at a direct dialog.

As of my last blog post, the following events have transpired between Embarcadero and InstallAware:

1. Embarcadero issued an inline update for the Delphi family of tools, doing exactly what they tried convincing InstallAware they couldn’t do.

Of course we always knew that Embarcadero issued inline updates. They do this all the time. But now you know it too:

The original setup files for Delphi XE2 contain the InstallAware 12 web installer. The updated setup files for Delphi XE2 contain a small EXE which launches a web page from where the InstallAware 12 offline installer may be downloaded.

What is that, if not an inline update?

Embarcadero did this so they don’t have to deal with customer complaints about failing web media block downloads, which we are not hosting any longer. So they had to take out our web installer and replace it with a small EXE that downloads our full installer.

Of course, it is left as an exercise to the reader to determine why Embarcadero just didn’t take out our OLD web installer and replace it with the NEW one that we were trying to get them to accept – this is all InstallAware wanted in the first place. Embarcadero chose instead to have InstallAware air all their dirty laundry.

2. Embarcadero terminated the Technology Partner agreement between InstallAware and Embarcadero, while not purchasing any InstallAware licenses or issuing us any Delphi licenses in exchange.

This simply served to establish de jure what was already known de facto: Embarcadero had never provided InstallAware non-expiring Delphi Architect licenses, while continuing to enjoy non-expiring InstallAware Studio Admin licenses.

Embarcadero Continues to Abuse InstallAware Intellectual Property

Please don’t support intellectual property abuse!

Use the only version of InstallAware that we have allowed Embarcadero to bundle at:

E-mail the Embarcadero CEO Wayne Williams at Wayne.Williams@EMBARCADERO.COM and ask him to explain his company’s usage of an unlicensed copy of InstallAware to build his Delphi setups; as well as their ongoing, sustained, willful abuse of InstallAware intellectual property.