NEW! InstallAware Centennial Update

Good news, everyone: The InstallAware Win32 GDI to DirectX Bridge is finally here!

o DirectX based rendering for all your existing setup wizard dialogs.
o Ensures 100% seamless transitions, with or without special effects.
o Intelligently enabled on a per-dialog basis, based on compatibility.
o Fixes Windows 10 19H1’s slow drag bug for sheets of Acrylic or Glass.

Better news: InstallAware Virtualization 8.0, our agentless app virtualization tech, is now shipping!

o 100% independent EXE container for .NET, Win32, Win64 apps.
o Import and virtualize ActiveX, Flash, and .NET runtimes.
o Run on all Windows versions starting with XP.


Good things come in pairs – our VirtualizationFest and Centennial Update surely do!