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InstallAware X7 Is Coming!

After a full year of R&D, InstallAware X7 is finally launching this month! InstallShield have now fallen two major version releases behind InstallAware:

Suite Installer Wizard: Merge any number of setups into one global suite installer, with feature binding support.

Dialog Editor with Undo/RedoInstantly recover from mistakes while experimenting with your own setup themes.

Large Memory Model: Never run out of memory during setup extractions, or while packing your installations.

Download and Run WizardLink to third party servers when downloading application runtimes from the web.

Windows Component Installer: 100% visual configuration for all Windows and Server operating system built-in features.

Command Line VM Testing: Fully scriptable, unattended VM unit-testing to scale your build automation/continuous integration.

Code Completion and SearchAccelerate your scripting and find the commands you need quickly in the revamped InstallAware IDE.

VBScript, JavaScriptCall COM objects to exponentially grow your setup capabilities, leverage millions of online scripts.

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