InstallShield have done it again!

InstallShield have done it again! InstallShield 2012 has just been released and let us review one of their new features… “Delivers a fresh, positive and friendly “app-store-like” experience.”

Does this sound familiar to you? It does to us… Have you gotten it yet?

“Meeting the needs of a new generation of “app-store savvy” users means that installations must be painless, fast and virtually transparent. The new Installation Streaming feature reduces the downloading wait time required before installation can begin.

End users need only download a small file to quickly start the installation.”

How about now? Yes, you are right, it is InstallAware’s “Partial Web Deployment”… Remember this feature? We have had it ever since 2004…

So, “End users need only download a small file to quickly start the installation?” Your users been enjoying this by using InstallAware Partial Web Deployment for the past 7 years! Does this make us visionaries or what?

Yes, InstallShield have done it again, setting “new” market standards, or not 🙂 They are finally getting around to copying our features that have been around for almost a decade!

Yet again InstallAware has proven itself as the best Setup Authoring tool. It takes VISION.

Microsoft Killing .NET?

I’ll first link to the following posts:

The only comment I have (other than the proverbial “I told you so” RE: Microsoft’s so-totally-planned obsolescence for .NET) is that Delphi is still as low-level and powerful as C++ and still as easy and high level as Visual Basic.

Nobody needs to go back to MFC or VC++…they need to wake up and realize its time they left the Microsoft camp for good.

I am certainly glad none of MY competition is aware of what can be done in Delphi 🙂

Kudos to Corsair

I received this email from Corsair today:

Hello Sinan,

My sales department has forwarded your inquiry to me.  I did not receive your purchase receipt, can you please provide it to me? We will arrange a refund so that you no longer continue to be inconvenienced.

Best Regards,

Jamie Macias-Nguyen

Customer Service Supervisor


While I wouldn’t entrust my data to Corsair, I have to commend them for doing the right thing.

A refund won’t alleviate the days lost and the stress induced due to these failures; but in fairness, what else can Corsair do?

Thank you, Corsair, for doing the right thing.