New InstallTailor and VS 2017 in InstallAware X6

InstallAware X6 is launching on Friday this week, first and only to extend Visual Studio 2017 with one-click APPX, App-V, and Windows Installer setup builds directly from the Visual Studio 2017 toolbar!

Take a look at some of the most exciting features in InstallAware X6:

MST Creator: Need to do some install tailoring? Use the new InstallAware Transformer and create MST files containing your updated properties, directories, and features after completing a visual setup interview, just as if you were normally installing the MSI.

Service Failure Actions: Run programs, reboot the PC, restart your service, and display desktop notifications during the successive failures of your service, bullet-proofing your deployments post the point of installation, cutting your support costs.

Filters for PackageAware: Use three new setup capture filters to eliminate various sources of repackaging noise. Combine existing filters, create your own filters. Setup captures are now fully Unicode and still the fastest in the industry.

Restart Manager: Use the dedicated new Restart Applications command to gracefully close and relaunch (with state preservation) apps locking resources you need to update during an installation. Windows Installer engine setups automatically leverage the Restart Manager.

Command Line Variable Locking: Lock variable values from the command line for user interactive setups, guaranteeing critical parameters and installation settings are preserved during complex deployments – and easily tailoring your installations.

InstallAware also publishes an Open Source Desktop Bridge, giving you toll-free access through the Microsoft Desktop Bridge to the Universal Windows Platform Highway:

We know setup at InstallAware where installs are at the speed of extraction!