InstallAware X4 Brings You Tomorrow!

InstallAware X4 brings you tomorrow, without throwing away today:

1) Windows Store Bridge: InstallAware X4 has been the first to launch with a live, fully functional Windows Store Bridge that gets Desktop app installers in the Windows 10 Store, today; with full elevation and privileges.

2) Social Networking: InstallAware X4 has also been the first to launch with social networking plug-ins; making posts to Twitter and Facebook an optional or mandatory part of your installation.

3) SHA256: Microsoft has made it clear that installers must support SHA256 code signing; with double signing required in places. InstallAware X4 single, double, or null signs your files in automatic compliance.

4) Script Functions: InstallAware X4 is the first ever InstallAware release to allow for construction of script functions, using the enhanced Include Script and brand new Return from Include Script commands.

5) Teamwork: InstallAware X4 now integrates with Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 1, enabling global collaboration with seamless source-control integration directly inside the InstallAware X4 IDE.

New InstallAware X4 with Windows Store Bridge, Social Plug-Ins

InstallAware X4 is launching on Friday this week, following the conclusion of a nine month intensive R&D cycle and crowning InstallAware‘s 12th year in the business:

Windows Store Bridge: Get your Win32, Win64, and .NET apps in the Windows Store TODAY – including elevation, admin level wizardry, and full system access. Microsoft underwhelmed us a bit at Build 2016 with their progress on Project Centennial and its limitations – so skip the wait and get all your native and managed applications in the Windows Store today.

Social Plug-Ins: Tweet to Twitter and Share on Facebook at any point during your installation. InstallAware X4 automatically invokes REST APIs to authenticate your end-users on their social networks, and then completes postings on their behalf. You may even make postings mandatory before allowing your end-users to proceed.

SHA 256 Code Signing: We’ve solved Microsoft’s code signing riddles for 2016 and beyond. InstallAware X4 analyzes your files for existing signatures, their type, size, and the underlying operating system powering your build platform. Based on this information, it selects the Microsoft compliant code signing strategy, automatically.

Team Foundation Server 2015: InstallAware X4 now integrates with Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 1, enabling globally distributed project collaboration.

IDE Zoom: Zoom in and out of your script with eagle eyes to find exactly what you are looking for. Comes with quick previews to find your ideal zoom level, too!

Updated Theme Assets: Both the IDE and the setup engine have been updated with the latest Windows 10 graphic assets, ensuring a smoother look for your setups.

Script Functions: Every InstallAware programmer’s dream is here. Using the new Return from Include Script command and the enhanced Include Script command, its a snap to build your own script functions – with their own custom return values.

Get your apps in the Windows Store today, go social with your installers, and attain 100% standards compliance with InstallAware X4.