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InstallAware X4 Brings You Tomorrow!

InstallAware X4 brings you tomorrow, without throwing away today:

1) Windows Store Bridge: InstallAware X4 has been the first to launch with a live, fully functional Windows Store Bridge that gets Desktop app installers in the Windows 10 Store, today; with full elevation and privileges.

2) Social Networking: InstallAware X4 has also been the first to launch with social networking plug-ins; making posts to Twitter and Facebook an optional or mandatory part of your installation.

3) SHA256: Microsoft has made it clear that installers must support SHA256 code signing; with double signing required in places. InstallAware X4 single, double, or null signs your files in automatic compliance.

4) Script Functions: InstallAware X4 is the first ever InstallAware release to allow for construction of script functions, using the enhanced Include Script and brand new Return from Include Script commands.

5) Teamwork: InstallAware X4 now integrates with Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 1, enabling global collaboration with seamless source-control integration directly inside the InstallAware X4 IDE.

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