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New InstallAware Virtualization 6

Innovation is relentless at InstallAware. We’re launching InstallAware Virtualization 6 on Friday this week, more than three years in the making:

Brand New IDE: Built from the ground up, the new InstallAware Virtualization 6 IDE is easier, faster, and more resilient than before.

Windows 10 Support: The InstallAware Virtualization 6 engine now produces bullet-proof virtualized apps for Windows 10.

Bug Fixes: Stability is key with application virtualization! Three years and tens of fixes bring you the most stable app virtualization.

Compressed Apps: You’ve asked and we’ve delivered! Compress your virtual apps and save time and space during publishing.

Splash Screen: Show a splash screen while your virtualized apps are loading, closing on a pre-set timeout interval or when your app is ready.

InstallAware X4 Support: Import the latest version InstallAware projects, and build them as virtual apps in a single click.

Virtualize Any App: You don’t even need setup sources to virtualize an app. Simply run the app installer through our sequencer, and you’re set!

InstallAware Virtualization 6‘s agentless architecture is the easiest way to virtualize any type of app for Windows today.

You could even combine InstallAware Virtualization with InstallAware X4‘s Windows Store Bridge to get your virtualized apps in the Windows Store!

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