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Wikipedia Censors InstallAware

InstallAware, the only alternative to InstallShield, failed to get its Wikipedia article published despite years of trying.

Even after hiring a specialist, conducting months of revisions, and ensuring that the InstallAware article has more quantity and quality of citations than InstallShield (which does have a Wikipedia article), Wikipedia editors merely wrote “You may as well give up,” as seen on

Wikipedia first claimed InstallAware was advertising on Wikipedia. Then, InstallAware‘s citations were not good enough. The final excuse? InstallAware was not “significant enough”, failing to meet Wikipedia’s notability criteria.

InstallAware‘s significance is beyond question:

100,000+ strong user base.

12+ years in the business.

Most Advanced Installer Technology: Prompting multiple hostile takeover attempts and parasitic SEO attacks.

Faster, Smaller, More Stable Installers than InstallShield: Also a more robust build environment as illustrated in a recent acid test ( … taller.htm).

More Secure than InstallShield: Never opened up end-user systems to attack vectors, or adversely affected by Windows Security Updates ( … Shield.htm).

Tens of Awards: Including Microsoft’s Visual Studio Sim-Ship Award, ComponentSource’s Top Product and Top Publisher Awards, Visual Studio Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards, SD Times’s “Leader of the Software Development Industry” Awards, and the Windows IT Pro Community Award, among other recognition from the press, industry analysts, and most importantly, the testament of thousands of real-world software developers who have coined the term “InstallAware is the Convenience of Obviousness,” in comparing InstallAware to other Windows Installer solutions.

Wikipedia has been receiving increasing coverage in academia, where the double standards and unaccountable dispositions of Wikipedia editors have been demonstrated with scientific rigor. See, for example, … d_Decline/ and

All of us at InstallAware are deeply saddened that, as observed elsewhere ( … d=52114135), Wikipedia is out of touch with its original egalitarian ideals, serving as a source of disinformation for interests outside of itself.

The obstinacy of Wikipedians are even driving their own ranks to suicide:

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