InstallAware Inaugurated into SD Times 100

2012 is turning out to be a fantastic year for InstallAware, with InstallAware finding recognition across an entire cross-section of the industry:

  • Software Developers have been voting for us for three years in a row (Windows IT Pro, Visual Studio Magazine).
  • Development Toolkit Resellers have given us Top Publisher awards for two years in a row (ComponentSource).
  • Software Development Editors have now joined in the wave of recognition, giving us the prestigious SD Times 100 Award!
SD Times 100 (2012)

For starters – InstallAware 2012 is everything you’ve told us you wanted in an installer, and more:

Visual Studio 2012 Support: InstallAware 2012 ships with Visual Studio 2012 support out-of-the-box. The fresh release candidate build of Visual Studio 2012, released less than a week ago, is fully supported by InstallAware 2012. One-click setup creation has never been so easy – or so up to date!

App-V Builder for Visual Studio 2012: Only InstallAware 2012 provides a royalty-free, one-click workflow for creating App-V virtualized packages out of your existing Visual Studio 2012 solutions. Forget about digging through manuals to learn how to use the App-V Sequencer. Just click to virtualize any Visual Studio 2012 project!

Windows 8 Support: The fresh release preview build of Windows 8, which was also released less than a week ago, is again fully supported by InstallAware 2012. Have you taken a look at how good InstallAware 2012’s setup themes look under Windows 8? Or at our pinning capability within the new Metro interface?

Beating “The Shield” Every Time: We’ve previously covered how “The Shield” are getting more than just inspired by InstallAware. We’ll now mention that all of the above benefits – some of which are still lacking in “The Shield”, and some of which became available only a few weeks ago as part of an exponentially expensive upgrade – were already supported in InstallAware 2012 for over six months!

Once again, we are thrilled and honored to be the recipient of so many industry awards and so much recognition. We could not have done any of this without you – so again, thank you very much for your support!