List of Bug Fixes in InstallAware 17.06 (23)

From 17.05:

The setup engine had lost compatibility with operating systems older than Windows XP Service Pack 2.

The Dialog Designer was unable to display or edit (past the point of saving and reloading forms) any hidden or invisible dialog controls.

The Dialog Designer was unable to retain the Aero Glass control when saving forms, or add the control to new forms.

Localizations were corrupted for the Chinese (Taiwan) language.

From 17.04:

Environment variables which had empty contents after an un-installation were not being entirely removed by the Native Code Setup Engine.

(De)compression tasks left the file download subsystem in an unstable state under rare combinations of operating system language and locales.

Running built setups or exploring build folders outside of the IDE failed when the target file or folder contained compiler variables.

Under very rare combinations of Unicode user accounts and different locales for non-Unicode software, when MSI files were being built in non-Unicode mode, the setup engine could not properly acquire installation properties.

From 17.03:

The PasswordChar property of an Edit control could not be set as part of dialog rules.

The Set Access Control command failed to set rights on true 64 bit file system objects.

The notification bell overlaid on the setup Taskbar button would be lost when setup was minimized to the system tray.

The IDE Power Tweaks designer treated LOADOLDDATA as a setup script variable, and not as the compiler variable that it is.

The Native Engine rolled setup back even if at least one Apply Install was called and setup was subsequently cancelled.

From 17.02:

The App-V 5 Compiler occasionally experienced infinite recursion when processing Create File Type commands.

The setup binary has been optimized for size.

From 17.01:

The default compression strength in template projects was inoperative.

From 17.00:

The Apply Patch statement failed under rare circumstances on Windows XP.

Dropping a new command on the MSIcode editor scrollbar caused a frivolous error message.

The built-in InstallAware custom action called ACTAWE failed under rare circumstances due to a memory overwrite bug.

The App-V 5 Converter did not support Unicode file names.

From 16.07:

The MSI_ALL setting was not reflected in the Power Tweaks designer.

The Project Options dialog did not accurately portray the state of all compiler variables in visual check-boxes.

The IDE hint for the Web Media Blocks designer was missing.