InstallAware Wins Second ComponentSource Award

For the second year in a row, InstallAware has won ComponentSource’s Best-Selling Publisher Award. This year we’re in the Top 50, up from last year’s Top 100. We’re glad to be working with terrific partners like ComponentSource in bringing you the best installation product in the industry.

ComponentSource Top 50 Publisher Award

In fact, InstallAware is so good, InstallShield have begun copying our features. We won’t make it easy for them – so in this email, instead of covering our unique benefits which save developers like you time and money – we’ll cover features of ours that InstallShield have had to copy, in order to save their developers the time and money that we’ve already been saving you for as long as 8 years now!

Partial Web Deployment (8 Years): InstallShield are calling this Installation Streaming. Of course, we’re still 8 years ahead of them in the game. Seamless proxy detection, automatic resume of broken downloads, automatic retries when end-users are away from their terminals (so setups don’t stall waiting for input), bandwidth saving LZMA/BCJ2 compression, and Shared Web Media Blocks are among features you won’t find in InstallShield.

Shelling to Other Setups (8 Years): InstallShield are calling this Suite Installations. InstallAware has always enabled you to run any Windows Installer setup, silently installing/modifying/removing features; as well as seamlessly capturing native installation progress feedback, and displaying any interactive dialogs so user input may be natively handled – all within your own installation UI.

Aero Wizards, Glass UI (5 Years): While InstallShield have finally built an Aero Wizard compliant setup theme, as usual, everything happens behind the scenes leaving you no control amongst so much hard-coding. InstallAware’s implementation lets you build your own Aero Glass user interfaces which render terrific on all 4 Windows Themes: Aero, Basic, Classic, and Luna (XP) – a major feat given the total lack of hard-coding.

32-64 Bit Mixed Installations (2 Years): InstallShield can finally combine 32 bit and 64 bit installations. But only InstallAware can switch at runtime between 32 bit and 64 bit installation modes intelligently; selectively installing files and registry keys in their proper locations based on the state of the target system that the installation is running on.