InstallAware Thanksgiving Special

Happy Thanksgiving! There’s a lot we’re thankful for this year at InstallAware:

o Start Menu and Taskbar Pinning: If you’d rather not play the Windows Store/Universal Windows Platform game, InstallAware still gives your apps direct, unfettered access to prime Windows Desktop real estate!

o Native Engine Eclipses MSI: If Windows Installer is not your cup of tea, use InstallAware‘s Native Engine for faster, more resilient, and more flexible installers which work even in Windows Safe Mode.

o 64-bit Super Compression: Build the smallest setups while retaining full compatibility with 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems at the same time. Segment optional features off to optional web downloads.

o Transition FX and Aero: Support custom Aero translucent regions even on Windows 10, and make a lasting positive impression on your potential clients with app-savvy wizard transition special effects.

o Testing Automation: Spawn any number of virtual machine instances (local or remote) directly from your InstallAware IDE, and run (custom) unit tests to validate your integration engineering.

InstallAware elevates your apps to the limelight like no other!