Secure Your PC with InstallAware DiskZIP

This ain’t your daddy’s WinZip. Compress your entire disk and use it all as if it was uncompressed:

Security First: Your greatest benefit is security. Your compressed disk image file is 100% impregnable to all known malware. Locked by the OS, it could hardly be touched by any future malware.

Privacy Next: Skip the cloud and store local! InstallAware DiskZIP frees up 5,5 GB disk space on a clean Windows 10 install, and a whopping 22 GB of disk space on Windows 10 with a full InstallAware installation – without deleting anything from your disk.

Performance Preserved: Unaffected disk write speeds. Disk read speeds are marginally accelerated in some cases and marginally decelerated in others, for an overall net-zero-sum impact on your performance.