InstallAware X2: Celebrating A Decade of InstallAware

Over the course of the past fourteen months, InstallAware engineers have been hard at work putting together a release worthy of our tenth year in business:

InstantInstall Acceleration: InstallAware is now the fastest installer on Windows. InstantInstall technology accelerates any existing Native Engine InstallAware setup by an order of magnitude – installing your apps literally in the blink of an eye(1).

64-bit Compression: Shrink apps and data by up to 90%, or enjoy an extra 30% size reduction if you were already on our compression platform(2). Beat Microsoft’s own compression on runtimes such as .NET.

Windows 10 Eco-System: Integrated with Visual Studio 2015. Click “Run” on the InstallAware toolbar in any Visual Studio version, and the InstallAware Add-In builds your setup for you instantly(3).

Fading/Sliding Wizard Transition Special Effects: Delight and instill confidence in your app-savvy users with new wizard transition FX, available only with InstallAware, and compatible with all pre-built or custom-made setup themes(4).

Application Pinning: Pin your apps to the Windows 8.1 Start Screen or the Windows 10 Start Menu Live Tiles section; illustrating our intent to do everything we can to get your apps noticed and make them shine(5): Microsoft and InstallShield claim pinning impossible.

Team Foundation Server: Integrated with Microsoft Team Foundation Server versions 2010, 2012, and 2013 – enjoy secure source/version control and collaborate locally or globally with setup teams.

Extra-Long Path Lengths: Transcend the MAX_PATH character limit. InstallAware even “plays nice” with legacy installers you are spawning from deep paths, mounting them at a shortened path to ensure your third party setups succeed.

Refactored Runtimes: Install on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems from a single runtime, enjoy 64-bit compression savings, deploy .NET Framework 4.6, the Visual C++ 14 Runtime, and the latest SQL Server Express versions.

InstallAware X2 revitalizes the entire Windows Desktop experience. InstallAware X2 is the Desktop Developers’ Destiny!

It will take InstallShield months, possibly years to clone all of our benefits above. Switch to InstallAware X2 today – meet your destiny!

Directly witness InstallAware X2’s technology at work while you are installing InstallAware X2 itself from

1: The InstallAware X2 setup, consisting of nearly 15 GB of data, completes in mere moments after the compressed archive of 2 GB self-extracts.

2: Despite the addition of more runtimes and data over its previous version, InstallAware X2’s setup is approximately 30% smaller than the previous version.

3: The InstallAware Visual Studio Add-In is 100% Free and may be installed on any computer with Visual Studio using InstallAware X2 setup.

4: Run the InstallAware X2 setup for a first-hand look at the impressive sliding wizard transition special effects.

5: The InstallAware X2 IDE pins itself to the Windows 8.1 Start Screen or the Windows 10 Start Menu Live Tiles during installation.