Cryptocurrency-Enabled Installer

InstallAware X12, the world’s first and only cryptocurrency-enabled installer, is finally shipping this week:

o Eliminate the need for traditional payment processing, and banks.

o Break free of brittle nodes, and dramatically cut down on exorbitant processing fees.

o Improve payment speeds and accelerate setups, boosting your end-user experience.

o No changes required to existing InstallAware projects! Easily upgrade all your work to InstallAware.

InstallAware X12 Shipping This Week

Amidst InstallShield’s fifth(1) rebranding, InstallAware shines stable; shipping version X12 on Friday the 12th this week:

o Authenticity: Especially now with Torrent/Magnet support, guarantee your setups are genuine with signed web downloads.

o Limited User Account Template: Out-of-the-box support for User Mode installations without getting admins involved.

o Full-Breadth Windows: Target from the earliest X86 (Windows XP) through the latest AARCH64 (Windows 10) with a single setup.

o Azure DevOps: Empower distributed teams with the new Team Project Explorer right in the IDE – stepping up to the new normal.

o Do More: Launch programs elevated, configure per-user file types and applications, match regular expression patterns.

(1) InstallShield -> Macrovision -> Acresso -> Flexera -> Revenera