InstallAware Wins Visual Studio SimShip Award

Marking our fourth award in a row, Microsoft have recognized InstallAware‘s contributions to the Windows 10 eco-system with a Visual Studio Sim-Ship Award!

As prepare to welcome 2016 in excitement of the coming holidays, we thought we’d put together a small holiday gift for you, our loyal developers – without whom we wouldn’t have lasted 11 years, save piling award atop award!

Free ZIPmagic File Compression:

1) ZIPmagic is our favorite tool to work with the 7ZIP Web Media Block files created by InstallAware.

2) It is also the best all around compression app for Windows, with patent pending Windows disk compression which they invented.

3) Take $100 worth file compression functionality, including Outlook integration, WinZip compatible ZIPX/JPEG compression, and WinRAR compatible RAR5 support; for free with ZIPmagic InstallAware edition: (leave the serial field empty when installing)

Choose the software installer used by timeless software products such as Microsoft Office, Crytek Crysis, and Borland Delphi – brought to you by the largest independent software installation toolkit vendor.

From all of us at InstallAware, thanks once again for all your support over the years, and Happy Holidays!

InstallAware Wins Two ComponentSource Awards

2015 has been a year of phenomenal success for InstallAware – so much that we’re having trouble keeping track of all awards that are coming in! We just won two more awards from our favorite reseller, ComponentSource:

1) Top 100 Product Award
2) Top 50 Publisher Award

We’re thrilled to be working with our friends at ComponentSource in bringing you the best installer technology on the Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) platform today:

o Platform Pillars: Support Windows XP 32-bit (Original Release) through Windows 10 Build 1511 64-bit (Threshold 2) from a single setup package.

o Sidestep MS-Store: Pin your applications programmatically to the Windows 10 Start Menu Live Tiles, or the Windows 8.x Start Screen, or the Windows 7.x-8.x-10.x Taskbar, or the Windows 7.x-Vista-XP Start Menu.

o Perfect Provision: Guarantee that your setups are bullet-proof by running unattended, simultaneous tests on as many virtual machines as your hardware can handle.

o Agile Advancement: Create re-usable technology prerequisites with the Application Runtime wizard; fire Build Events based on pre and post build/compression/wrapping triggers; enjoy smart Find highlights in the IDE.

o The Team Topology: Microsoft Team Foundation Server and Microsoft Visual Studio integration enable global collaboration on setup projects.

o Flexible Funding: A floating license add-on lets you install infinite copies of InstallAware, as long as the usage is non-simultaneous. Studio and higher editions allow infinite build machines, even for simultaneous use!

o Aggresive Advance: InstallAware is the most frequently updated installer, among all commercial and open source “alternatives”.

Discover InstallAware today. You’ll be glad you did!