InstallAware X8 Now Shipping

InstallAware X8 is now available for immediate download with these great new benefits:

o Best UX: Windows 10 April 2018 Update introduces Acrylic for Win32 and InstallAware is the first installer leveraging this for a Microsoft Fluent Design System compliant user interface.

o Best Designer: Now with unlimited undo/redo in the Dialog Editor, InstallAware provides the richest selection of dialog controls and the safest design process.

o Minimum Extraction: InstallAware setups boot instantly, after extracting just the setup engine, plug-ins, and resources. The installation payload extracts just-in-time when needed.

o Heuristic and Binary Optimized Filters: InstallAware is the only installer able to compress the installation payload with a 1.5 GB dictionary, effectively a form of data deduplication.

InstallAware X8 Coming This Friday

We’ve finally hatched our latest version InstallAware X8:

Acrylic Materials: InstallAware is the first and only installer to support Microsoft Fluent Design System. Apply Acrylic Materials to your existing themes, our use our own Acrylic Theme(1) to make the best first impression with your users.

Dialog Editor Undo: It’s finally here! Fully unlimited(2) undo/redo while editing your dialogs and designing custom setup themes. Experiment without risk – and be sure to send us some of your creations – we’re always inspired to see what you’ve created…

Instant Extraction: Do you have an installation with a multi-gigabyte payload(3), wishing you could delay the data extraction until after the end-user setup interview where you’re in full control of the user experience? Now you can!

New Compression Engine: Featuring two new extreme compression levels(4), one with Heuristic Optimization, and another with Binary Optimization. Try both and see how much extra space you save over your own existing installations!

Visual Studio Team Services: InstallAware is the first and only installer to acquire files without the need for local folder mapping, a convenience that competing vendors lack altogether(5).

(1) Immediately see our new Acrylic Theme in action for yourself at
(2) Limited only by available memory.
(3) Download our own 3 GB installer at … nloads.htm – we’ve updated it to Instant Extaction.
(4) Requires a 64-bit operating system for extraction at the strongest compression levels (the setup engine is still 32-bit compatible).
(5) For more new features and details, take a look at – the fully updated InstallAware X8 online help.