InstallAware X8 Now Shipping

InstallAware X8 is now available for immediate download with these great new benefits:

o Best UX: Windows 10 April 2018 Update introduces Acrylic for Win32 and InstallAware is the first installer leveraging this for a Microsoft Fluent Design System compliant user interface.

o Best Designer: Now with unlimited undo/redo in the Dialog Editor, InstallAware provides the richest selection of dialog controls and the safest design process.

o Minimum Extraction: InstallAware setups boot instantly, after extracting just the setup engine, plug-ins, and resources. The installation payload extracts just-in-time when needed.

o Heuristic and Binary Optimized Filters: InstallAware is the only installer able to compress the installation payload with a 1.5 GB dictionary, effectively a form of data deduplication.

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