InstallAware X3 Benefits

InstallAware X3 launched simultaneously with Windows 10 on July 29th. Our launch was a huge success. InstallAware X3‘s merits speak for themselves:

Automated Virtual Machine Testing: Run as many simultaneous tests as your hardware can handle on VMware and Hyper-V platforms. The default unit test checks for successful installation and removal of any existing InstallAware solution, without any modifications needed to your setup project! The unit test ships with its InstallAware source code so you can customize it per your requirements, for example to check for specific files, registry keys/values, system services, or any other target system variable. Test on troublesome VM snapshots and prove your setups are rock solid.

Programmatic Application Pinning: You don’t have to go through the cumbersome bureaucracy of the Windows Store approval process to get your app pinned to the new Windows 10 Live Tiles Start Menu. Pin as many apps as you want to this most prime piece of real estate on a Windows system – made possible only by InstallAware. We trust you to pin responsibly and respect end-user privacy, while giving you the tools to maximize exposure to your hard work.

EV Code Signing: Use the new Build Events for Extended Verification Code Signing Certificates. Build Events let you run any custom command line, including macro resolution for standard paths such as your project and IDE folders. Sign your setup and/or your application binaries. Detect signing failures and gracefully fail a setup build.

Visual Studio 2015: InstallAware‘s Visual Studio Add-In gives you one-click setup creation capabilities from any Visual Studio project, with automatic inclusion of the pre-requisite .NET and C++ frameworks needed by your solution.

Application Runtime Wizard: Got an odd runtime that’s not included? Build your own in just a few clicks, visually!

50% Better RE-Compression: Runtimes such as Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014 with Service Pack 1 compress 50% better with InstallAware – and that’s 50% better than the ALREADY compressed sizes of the runtimes, as built by Microsoft!

Thank you all very much for being a part of the success that is InstallAware. We could not have done it without you!