InstallAware Wins Third ComponentSource Award

For the third year in a row, InstallAware has won ComponentSource’s Best-Selling Publisher Award. Thank you for your support – we couldn’t have done this without you!

What’s the secret to our success?

o The Bleeding Edge: Tired of waiting for weeks, months, and sometimes even years for updates from your installation technology vendor? InstallAware has built a track record of being the first to support new releases of Windows, .NET, and SQL Server – within 48 hours, if not less!

o Broadest Platform Support: Losing business to ever stranger installer errors reported by your frustrated customers trying to deploy your product? The same InstallAware setup binary runs out-of-the-box on Windows 95 Gold through Windows Server 2012, guaranteeing bullet-proof installations every time.

o Embrace and Extend Windows Installer: Feeling confined to a straitjacket by the limitations of Windows Installer? Transcend all limitations using InstallAware‘s Native Engine, even switching at runtime between the Windows Installer and the Native Engine with a single line of code.

o Code-Generating IDE: Does your setup project give you a sense of what trying to build a Concorde with a sledgehammer feels like? InstallAware‘s IDE generates code in the background, letting you drop-down to the exact area of your setup script you need to customize with precision targeting.

o Web Integration: Do your efforts in web-enabling your setups and publishing web updates induce strong headaches? InstallAware‘s Partial Web Deployment and Triple-Mode Web Updates are so well-designed, you’ll be wondering how you ever managed to live without them!

Discover InstallAware and the beauty of simplicity – InstallAware is built by developers for developers, and it shows. We’re confident you’ll agree.