When a Competitor Stoops Really Low

A competitor who shall remain unnamed has stooped really low.

We contracted outside SEO expert Michael Cottam, after observing for over three years a professionally executed and well camouflaged SEO attack on the ‘installaware’ keyword: our brand, our trademark, and our property.

His findings make for a terrifying read:


All of us at InstallAware are flattered that our unnamed competitor had to sink to these lows to challenge our product.

If nothing else, this appears to be a tacit admission that they cannot meet us fair and square in the playground, and have to resort to sleights of hand like this.

Thank you, Dear Unnamed Competitor, for your high praise.

And thank you, Dear Developers, for making InstallAware what it is. We couldn’t have done this without you.

Once again, thank you very much for your support.

InstallAware Software.

PS: If any of you are getting the error “Your access to this site has been limited” when you try to visit the blog, please download a PDF prinout of the blog post from www.installaware.com/sempdx.pdf.