InstallAware X14’s First Update Is Here

Ever dream of a better installer, one that is not only more stable and scalable, but also easier to integrate and customize?

InstallAware, a recognized technology leader in the DevOps space, is the answer to your prayers.

InstallAware is plainly the most aggressively updated and optimized setup technology that exists today:

– Zero known issues policy.
– Seamless upgrades from version to version, major or minor.
– Same-day support for new technologies, frameworks, and operating systems launched by Microsoft.
– A 17 year track record.

Stepping up to InstallAware is easy! Directly import setup projects developed in a majority of alternative environments.

Use the industry’s fastest setup capture for those stubborn, opaque projects that you do not have the sources for.

From building patches just by referencing your old setup binaries to Ethereum payments, InstallAware rocks!

Here’s some recent additions in this major version release:

– 64-bit Visual Studio (2022) integration.
– 64-bit scripting interface for programmatic setup generation.
– Updated Windows 11 & Server 2022 feature definitions and server roles.
– New runtimes such as .NET 6 (you can try creating them on your own with the App Runtime Wizard).

InstallAware X14 is Windows 11 Ready: Are You?

Get ready for Windows 11 from day one with the new InstallAware X14, shipping on Friday this week:

Windows 11Programmatically pin apps to the new Windows 11 Start Menu/Taskbar!

Windows Features and Server Roles – Fully updated definitions for Windows 11 and Server 2022.

Microsoft .NET 6 – Deploy .NET 6 in a single click with InstallAware.

Visual Studio 202264-bit Add-In instantly creates setups for your solutions.

64-bit Scripting Interface – Programmatically emit setup scripts from 64-bit binaries.

Full-Stack ARM64 Support – Including native setup captures and a 100% runtime-free setup engine.

Ethereum Payments – Store activation details on the blockchain with instant and free transaction lookup.

Non-Fungible Tokens – Build setups as NFTs and host on decentralized BitTorrent/Magnet!

MST Transforms – Click through MSI setup pages to easily create MSI transforms.

Suite Wizard – Merge multiple setups into a master package, assigning each setup to its own feature.

Triple Hybrid Architecture – Target X86, AMD64, and AARCH64 from a single setup package.

Azure DevOps – Embrace the new normal and work from anywhere with our Team Project Explorer.

Binary Differential Patching – Just point to old setup binaries – you don’t even need their source!

MSI, EXE, MSIX, App-V – Ship all major package types from a single source.

Windows’s first major version upgrade in 6 years is here – are you ready?

InstallAware Prices Going Up 20% Past Friday

We haven’t had to raise prices at InstallAware for over a decade.
However, now we must better reflect the value of our software (1).
A 20% increase across all our product lines takes effect this Friday.

(1) Here’s a glance at some of the major innovations we’ve introduced during the past ten years:

– Seamless Unicode Upgrade (2013): Even leaving installers aside, there’s literally no software development company to have provided a 100% automatic source upgrade from ANSI to Unicode – except InstallAware.

– App-V (2011), APPX (2016), and MSIX (2018): Only InstallAware lets you target each and every one of Microsoft’s ever growing (and mutually devouring) payload delivery mechanisms from your existing, intelligently branching source.

– Triple-Hybrid X86, X64, and ARM64 Setups (2018): InstallAware was the first to target ARM64 and is still the only platform with full-stack ARM64 support, including native setup captures and Windows Feature configuration.

– BitTorrent, Magnet Links for Downloads and Hosting (2019): Supplant or replace traditional hosting. Either way, only InstallAware pulls data from decentralized networks – the true cloud that nobody owns!

– Ethereum Payments and Activations on the Blockchain (2020): Sell software for ETH at install time, or reactivate past purchases (being as lenient with hardware changes as you like). Are there any other setup builders doing this?

InstallAware simply means seamless compatibility across the broadest platforms, sustained for decades at a time!

If you haven’t tried us yet, you’ll be amazed by what you can build with InstallAware – and how quickly.

Choose InstallAware, the company that’s in *your* corner, for a change. We’ve got your back – 17 years and counting!

4th of July, 4 Leading InstallAware Solutions

Our rapidly growing folio of solutions are matched in their excellence of engineering only with their convenience of obviousness, to quote a favorite customer of InstallAware:

– NEW! Ransomware Protection: Now with Windows 11 support, freshly patented DiskZIP Offline transparently grows your disks – while also making them impregnable to all malware.

– NEW! Incremental Copy for Deduplicated Volumes: For files bigger than your free disk space, DiskZIP Max copies and compresses them in chunks, making them fit on your drives.

– NEW! InstallAware Multi-Platform:The only cross-platform setup dialog designer (and scripting) virtually identical to its Windows cousin. General availability in late 2021.

– UPDATED! InstallAware Virtualization: New major version immediately available, together with support for recent updates in Windows 10 with some breaking changesnow fixed.

– NEW! Accept Ethereum Payments: InstallAware (for Windows) takes you to the bleeding edge with support for cryptocurrency transactions, BitTorrent decentralized distribution.

InstallAware Ethereum Payment Gateway

Well folks, it looks like FOMO is real after all!

Even Mr. Musk got sucked in – Tesla’s controversially “ready” for crypto…

…but what is the best opportunity for the rest of us to save time – and money – while not missing out?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sell your software for crypto, gradually averaging your way in? YES! InstallAware comes through for you again:

– Updated Price Oracle: Fully script driven. Query live prices on the ETHUSD “currency pair” and navigate the ultra-volatile waters with a minimum of choppiness.

– Optimized Gas Usage: Gas is a tricky concept for sure! The take away is that wallets with the barest minimum of ETH balances to buy your software now work.

– Instant Deposits: One thing Elon should have gotten right about Bitcoin is that it really isn’t quick enough for the day-to-day. ETH approves (or declines) in seconds.

– Flexible Activations: Validate past purchases directly on the blockchain (paying no gas). Be as strict (or liberal) as you like with your hardware change policies.

– Non-Fungible Tokens: Now your software gets in on the action, too! Upload your setup as an NFT. Fully decentralize+immortalize the rest with Bittorrent/Magnet hosted Web Media Blocks.

– Windows 10 21H1 (and Server 2022): As an aside, InstallAware‘s setup engine – and Windows Features/Server Roles visual configurators – have been updated for the latest Windows versions.

So get in on the action without having to bet the farm, cost averaging your way in.

SELL the software you worked so hard to develop, without having to put up with any bureaucracy, or middle entities.

Isn’t that exactly the kind of liberation that crypto is supposed to be all about in the first place?

Dialog Design Contest for InstallAware Multi-Platform

It’s here! Take your first peek at the amazing Dialog Designer from InstallAware Multi-Platform:

The download above contains late alpha/early beta binaries for Linux, macOS, and Windows – delivered as promised!

Design your own dialog themes for InstallAware Multi-Platform and enter them in the contest to WIN!

There’s four categories, so that’s four times as many chances:

– Best dialog theme for Linux
– Best dialog theme for macOS
– Best dialog theme for Windows
– Best dialog theme for all platforms combined

Send your submissions directly to support at with the subject line “Multi-Platform Dialog Theme.”

New Awards, More MultiPlatform News

InstallAware won ComponentSource’s Top 50 Publisher award again this year, making it ten years in a row! Also, our premier InstallAware Studio Admin edition and our premium InstallAware Studio editions were both recognized as Top 100 products at the ComponentSource marketplace – thanks to YOU!!!

In more exciting news, additional details are now emerging as the brand new and thrilling InstallAware Multi Platform product gains maturity, scheduled later this year for general availability:

– Three Major Platforms: Code and compile natively on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Build for any platform from any environment – ex: you will be able to build Mac installers on a PC, and vice versa!

– Advanced Dialog Editing: Enjoy a dialog editor virtually identical to its Windows Installer brethren, with the same ease of use, drag&drop design experience, and visual configuration.

– Conditionally Flowing Setup Script: Code, commands, and syntax to remain as similar as possible to InstallAware‘s existing scripting language, offering a zero learning curve.

– NO JAVA: InstallAware Multi Platform offers 100% native code setup engines for Linux, Mac, and Windows – in our best tradition of ZERO DEPENDENCIES and runtime free delivery!

NEW! InstallAware MultiPlatform

InstallAware is launching its very first multi-platform installer this year, distilling the best of what InstallAware stands for, and its 17 years of engineering excellence:

o Native Binaries: No JRE required, producing zero dependency setups for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X (including M1 silicon), Solaris (Intel & Sparc), FreeBSD, and more.

o Native IDEs: Run and edit projects directly on Intel x86, AMD64/x86-64, SPARC, ARM, and AArch64 platforms. Best of all, compile setups that run on any target using any IDE on any platform!

o Familiar Scripting Forms: Use your existing InstallAware scripting skills and rich built-in actions to build an intelligently branching setup with high compatibility for existing code forms.

o Two-Way Integrated IDE: In the best tradition of InstallAware, visual designers emit XML code, and changes made to the human editable XML are reflected back in the visual designers.

o Editable Dialogs: Rich customization options for your setup user interface delivers a stellar user experience and makes a lasting, positive first impression as only made possible by InstallAware.

o Agile: XML project scripts, command line builds, and an integrated visual debugger deliver full support for continuous integration in a developer friendly solution.

o Automatic Updates: Continuous and unattended delivery for your end-users means less manual maintenance hassle and reduced support costs, resulting in a win-win for everyone.

o GUI, Text, and Silent Setups: Full support for console based and remote installations, as well as silent setups for unattended/scripted deployment scenarios.

o Web Friendly: Advanced LZMA(2) compression with BCJ2 and Heuristic filters minimize payloads, while bits may be sourced as usual from Web Media Blocks hosted as ordinary downloads on any server.

o Suite Installers: Visually combine multiple packages into a single multi-platform installer, where each package is bound to its own deselectable feature at runtime.

InstallAware X13 Launch

Take a step up in your DevOps with the release of the Gold Standard for software installers:

InstallAware X13 is launching on Friday this week!

o Sanitize Project Wizard: Sever all links to shared resources in a single click by creating local copies of all project assets.

o .NET 5: The biggest .NET release is here, and you may deploy it in a single click using InstallAware.

o 20H2 Update: Fresh Windows Feature definitions for ARM64, AMD64, and X86.

o MSIX Services: Build MSIX packages without entry point apps or shortcuts, deploying Windows Services.

o On-Demand Elevation Template: Give your end-users the power to choose user mode installs, or to elevate at the start of setup.

InstallAware X13 Pre-Sale

After nearly a full year that went by with covid lockdowns, InstallAware X13 is finally launching this December:

o 20H2 Platform: Including up to date Windows Feature definitions, platform recognition and formal targeting.

o MSIX Services: Instantly generate MSIX packages from existing setup projects, now with service support.

o New .NET 5: Detect and install .NET Core. Our Visual Studio Add-Ins bundle this runtime when needed.

o MITM Mitigation: Automatically eliminate man-in-the-middle attacks on Web Media Block downloads.

o Manual Elevation: Manually elevate or de-elevate apps. Elevate your setup only when you must.

o Regular Expressions: You asked for it, you got it! Easily evaluate regexp in your script.

o Azure DevOps: A sign of the times, or evolution of the future of work? Your decision.

o Super Search: Hugely popular new IDE feature with advanced in-place capabilities.