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NEW! InstallAware MSIX Editor

InstallAware is first (and only) to ship a dedicated MSIX IDE:

o Create new MSIX packages from scratch.
o Load any pre-existing MSIX package regardless of authoring kit.
o View and extract resources inside of any MSIX package.
o Update the contents and logic of any MSIX package.
o Save your changes as a brand new MSIX package.
o Save your changes as a new MSIX modification package.
o Submit your MSIX packages to the Windows Store.

Unlike MSI, apps delivered via MSIX run in their own secure sandbox, and still interface with – almost – as many user endpoints as available in a traditional MSI package.

Microsoft has made it clear that MSIX is the future of application packaging on Windows. Get on board now!

Welcome InstallAware MSIX Editor!

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