InstallAware X10 Now Available

InstallAware X10 made the headlines (thank you, SD Times):

o Save the world billions of clicks: Our new Single Click installers, inspired by MSIX packages; prove our setups are the easiest. Of course, build MSIX packages too, if you’re into that sort of thing.

o Precision Windows configuration: Select your features (and server roles) from a “Turn Windows features on or off” fashioned UI, precisely configuring every single Windows version with 100% accuracy.

o New Plug-In specs: For the first time in 15 years, plug-ins may now register as download handlers for the setup engine – the new Multi Part Download File plug-in shipping inside the box, for example.

o Major IDE upgrade: IntelliScan strikes out invalid file references, saving you from breaking builds (both in script and design views). Code Preview renders your script topology with instant access.

o Full-stack Microsoft: Azure DevOps Services integration is the latest entry in our breakneck pace of support for Redmondian frameworks and technogies, such as TFS, Visual Studio, .NET, SQL Server…

Check out all these great benefits no other installer can even remotely match: … igrate.htm

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