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InstallAware Wins SD Times 100 Again!

June 8th, 2013

InstallAware has won the SD Times 100 award for the second year in a row! Thank you all for your support – we couldn’t have done this without you!

InstallAware Wins Third ComponentSource Award

March 4th, 2013

For the third year in a row, InstallAware has won ComponentSource’s Best-Selling Publisher Award. Thank you for your support – we couldn’t have done this without you! What’s the secret to our success? o The Bleeding Edge: Tired of waiting for weeks, months, and sometimes even years for updates from your installation technology vendor? InstallAware [...]

List of Bug Fixes in InstallAware 15.51 (57)

January 1st, 2013

The setup engine failed to correctly persist the 32 bit/64 bit state of the installation when persistent variables were used. The Install Service command editor window, in the Service Groups tab, incorrectly suggested that variables were disallowed. The setup engine failed to initialize on Windows 2000 (Windows NT 5.0). Under rare combinations of SD card [...]

Share-It: A Decade of Racism

December 28th, 2012

Continuing the subject of racism…   As racist as some governments can be, so are some companies.   Share-It, a payment services provider based out of Europe, have been engaged in racism for well over a decade.   How do I know?   Any time I place an order from a Turkish IP, Share-It declines [...]

The Anatomy of a Price Increase

December 15th, 2012

InstallAware increased prices for customers in the Schengen Visa zone (most of Europe) by 30% on Monday, 17th of December 2012.   “Apple do it, so I am doing it too…”   My friend Harry Kelly (ComponentSource) cautioned me strongly against increasing prices in Europe. His thinking was that, unless there is some specific value-add [...]

A Google Support Nightmare

November 17th, 2012

We always strive to provide our customers with the timeliest and most accurate service possible. While as customers we are all likely to complain of “poor service” when we don’t get everything we want right when we need it (keep in mind that at InstallAware, we are very close to this ideal), – I wanted [...]

The Curious Case of the InstallAware Space Jockey – A New Contest

November 5th, 2012

He wasn’t in space at first. He was busy smashing through the glass ceiling of the software installer experience:   InstallAware Superhero Debut   Then, what happened? How did it end up that, just like a disillusioned Mr. Manhattan, the InstallAware Superhero ended up on Mars?   InstallAware Space Jockey   There’s clues hidden in [...]

List of Bug Fixes in InstallAware 14.11 (82)

October 2nd, 2012

InstallAware NX 14.11, currently live, adds the following bug fixes: The ProgressBar control now does not flicker on Windows Vista and newer operating systems. The IDE failed to add web update dialogs to a project when web updates were being enabled for the first time.

List of Bug Fixes in InstallAware 14.1 (80)

September 15th, 2012

InstallAware NX 14.1, currently live, adds the following bug fixes: The Convert Path command now expands environment variables, supports relative paths, and prepends the setup folder to paths that lack drive letters. The .NET Plug-In Bridge libraries and samples have been updated with further fixes.

List of Bug Fixes in InstallAware 14.05 (78)

September 13th, 2012

InstallAware NX 14.05, currently live, adds the following bug fixes: New projects created using any of the project wizards mistakenly suggested that script and project files not yet saved were marked read-only. Some incorrect combinations of parameters passed to the Evaluate Expression command caused access violations during setup compilation.