NEW! InstallAware MultiPlatform

InstallAware is launching its very first multi-platform installer this year, distilling the best of what InstallAware stands for, and its 17 years of engineering excellence:

o Native Binaries: No JRE required, producing zero dependency setups for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X (including M1 silicon), Solaris (Intel & Sparc), FreeBSD, and more.

o Native IDEs: Run and edit projects directly on Intel x86, AMD64/x86-64, SPARC, ARM, and AArch64 platforms. Best of all, compile setups that run on any target using any IDE on any platform!

o Familiar Scripting Forms: Use your existing InstallAware scripting skills and rich built-in actions to build an intelligently branching setup with high compatibility for existing code forms.

o Two-Way Integrated IDE: In the best tradition of InstallAware, visual designers emit XML code, and changes made to the human editable XML are reflected back in the visual designers.

o Editable Dialogs: Rich customization options for your setup user interface delivers a stellar user experience and makes a lasting, positive first impression as only made possible by InstallAware.

o Agile: XML project scripts, command line builds, and an integrated visual debugger deliver full support for continuous integration in a developer friendly solution.

o Automatic Updates: Continuous and unattended delivery for your end-users means less manual maintenance hassle and reduced support costs, resulting in a win-win for everyone.

o GUI, Text, and Silent Setups: Full support for console based and remote installations, as well as silent setups for unattended/scripted deployment scenarios.

o Web Friendly: Advanced LZMA(2) compression with BCJ2 and Heuristic filters minimize payloads, while bits may be sourced as usual from Web Media Blocks hosted as ordinary downloads on any server.

o Suite Installers: Visually combine multiple packages into a single multi-platform installer, where each package is bound to its own deselectable feature at runtime.

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