New Awards, More MultiPlatform News

InstallAware won ComponentSource’s Top 50 Publisher award again this year, making it ten years in a row! Also, our premier InstallAware Studio Admin edition and our premium InstallAware Studio editions were both recognized as Top 100 products at the ComponentSource marketplace – thanks to YOU!!!

In more exciting news, additional details are now emerging as the brand new and thrilling InstallAware Multi Platform product gains maturity, scheduled later this year for general availability:

– Three Major Platforms: Code and compile natively on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Build for any platform from any environment – ex: you will be able to build Mac installers on a PC, and vice versa!

– Advanced Dialog Editing: Enjoy a dialog editor virtually identical to its Windows Installer brethren, with the same ease of use, drag&drop design experience, and visual configuration.

– Conditionally Flowing Setup Script: Code, commands, and syntax to remain as similar as possible to InstallAware‘s existing scripting language, offering a zero learning curve.

– NO JAVA: InstallAware Multi Platform offers 100% native code setup engines for Linux, Mac, and Windows – in our best tradition of ZERO DEPENDENCIES and runtime free delivery!

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