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Microsoft’s Hit Job on InstallAware

Last year, InstallAware’s paid search advertising on Bing was suspended, because, “your website does not have clear uninstall instructions for the software downloads it offers.” This generic excuse was ridiculous to be sure – InstallAware is not an end-user utility, it is a developer tool. On top, it is a developer tool that is used in building setups – the uninstallers that “Bing” could not find on our site are often powered by InstallAware.

We let the issue slide last year, given that the search engine market is still dominated by Google. It was a suspicious case to be sure, but not one of critical importance.

Recently reviewing an SEO report, I saw that InstallAware has absolutely ZERO pages indexed on Bing. Now this raised some additional suspicion: I also checked whether any other properties owned by InstallAware are indexed on Bing. None of them are. I also Bing’ed my own name. Whereas previously a lot of content about me, personally, used to show up – now it was all filtered away.

Wow, really guys?

Is Microsoft at the mercy of some low-lives who feel threatened about InstallAware, a product that Microsoft isn’t even in direct competition with?

Are these low-lives really the stuff that Microsoft is made of right now? Do these people really have so much pull there nowadays?

Just to be 100% sure, we’re going to re-submit InstallAware to the Bing indexer, and see what happens.

This blog post serves as our timestamp for when the submit happened. We’ll keep you posted.


3 Responses to “Microsoft’s Hit Job on InstallAware”

  1. Peter Says:

    I see no reason to feel miffed about being torn down from Bing. With Google around, who needs it? Bing. Stupid name.

  2. Big Blue Says:

    Microsoft is on the decline. This week, IBM surpassed Microsoft’s market cap for the first time in 20 years. It figures, if Microsoft is being run by people like these. I predict more fits of rage for Steve Ballmer…

  3. Isporuka Cveca Says:

    Amaze! Thank you! I constantly wished to produce in my internet internet site a thing like that. Can I take element with the publish to my blog?

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