InstallAware Open Sources APPX

InstallAware has open sourced the library it built for Microsoft’s Desktop Bridge APPX creation at

InstallAware is the only vendor giving developers a free ride across Microsoft’s Desktop Bridge to the Universal Windows Platform Highway!

As we prepare to welcome 2017 in excitement of the coming holidays, we thought we’d put together a small holiday gift for you, our loyal developers – without whom we wouldn’t have lasted 12 years, save contributing to open source!

Free DiskZIP File Compression:

1) DiskZIP is our favorite tool to work with the 7ZIP Web Media Block files created by InstallAware.

2) It is also the best all around compression app for Windows, with patent pending Windows disk compression which they invented.

3) Take $100 worth file compression functionality, including Outlook integration, WinZip compatible ZIPX/JPEG compression, and WinRAR compatible RAR5 support; for free with DiskZIP InstallAware edition: (leave the serial field empty when installing)

Choose the software installer used by timeless software products such as Microsoft Office, Crytek Crysis, and Borland Delphi – brought to you by the largest independent software installation toolkit vendor.

From all of us at InstallAware, thanks once again for all your support over the years, and Happy Holidays!

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