InstallAware Holiday Upgrade

InstallAware X5 contains years of continual improvements. For those of you on older versions, take a look at what you’re missing out on:

Version X5: The first version of InstallAware to support Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, featuring one-click APPX Build from all your setup projects, bridging you to the Universal Windows Platform Highway through Microsoft’s Desktop Bridge.

Version X4: The first version of InstallAware (and only installer in general) to support Facebook and Twitter social networks. Share and Tweet directly from your setups.

Version X3: The first InstallAware (and only installer) with fully automated virtual machine unit testing, including customizable tests.

Version X2: Doubled compression performance over previous versions of InstallAware. Programmatic shortcut pinning directly to the Windows 10 TaskBar or Start Menu without having to go through Windows Store. First and only installer with fading/sliding Setup Wizard Transition Effects.

InstallAware X5 is the best version of InstallAware in its 12 year history! Even if you won’t be upgrading to this latest and greatest version, please help yourself to not one but two free gifts from InstallAware, in the spirit of the Holiday Season:

Christmas Gift: Browse to and grab our Open Source APPX Builder, your toll-free gateway through Microsoft’s Desktop Bridge to the UWP Highway.

New Year Gift: Let’s face it, we all run out of disk space eventually. DiskZIP grows and accelerates your disks at the same time – and we’ve scored a special edition with free file compression, yours for the clicking at – but make sure to check out the exciting disk compression, while you’re at it.

From all of us at InstallAware, thanks once again for all your support over the years, and Happy Holidays!

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